The UCL Story

What We Do

UCL is an acquisition and development Company focused on creating shareholder value by identifying and monetizing opportunities in Technology, Internet, New Media and Emerging Markets.

At the beginning of 2017 we're involved in 2 projects. The first project is called the Lawyers Network, Inc. TNL is a new media company focused on streamlining lead acquisition for US based Lawyers leveraging top level domain names such as DUILawyers.com, ImmigrationAttorney.com. PersonalInjuries.com, CriminalAttorneys.com and others. The Second project is called First Canna Corp.. FCC is a strategic advisory firm focused on creating, analyzing and monetizing proprietary data in the emerging cannabis industry. The initial focus of FCC is to investigate, using data, whether or not Cannabis or a Cannabis formulation can contribute to reversing the Opiate Epidemic in the US and Canada.
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